Ui5Strap is a multitasking environment, which means you can start multiple apps at the same time. Touch the Button to get back tho the home screen. Use the Button to switch between apps.

Resize your Browser to simulate different device sizes or open the demo in a New Window

Perfect for Rookies

Learn to create professional apps in a minimum of time, even without JavaScript experience.

Declarative First

The declarative programming concept lets you create large apps while writing little or no JavaScript code.

Enterprise Ready

Ui5Strap is based on UI5, a HTML5 toolkit that is used by large companies all over the world.

Reuse your Work

Integrate your existing JQuery Plugins as reusable controls and recycle your Bootstrap Themes.

Runs on any Device

Ui5Strap is preconfigured to build native apps for desktop and mobile and webapps for the cloud.

Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler. Albert Einstein


Why should i use Ui5Strap?

Q: There are plenty good app frameworks and toolkits out there. Why should i use Ui5Strap of all?

A: Well, tell us who you are and we'll tell you why Ui5Strap is the perfect choice for you.

I'm a ...

Ui5Strap is built upon / with widely spread Open Source technologies: